A New "Be Mine" Is Mine!


Apr 6, 2007
I just bought this from a lovely Ebay seller and I know she will not mind if I use her picture. I don't have a camera of my own so I can't do a modeling pic for you, sorry.

I don't see much written about this style here, and I did not see it on the website. It is a wonderful bag, with so many great details. I think my favorite detail is the center snap that holds the bag shut if you are too lazy to zip the bag closed. (that's me to a T) The size is very nice and roomy. I have plenty of strap room to put it on my shoulder.

The color is a pearlized gray which is much lighter and prettier than the picture shows. It is perfect for spring and summer.

The scent of this leather is to die for!! I have one other BE, a black crash TME, and it never had this delicious scent.


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Oct 24, 2006
ahhhhh, very nice!!! i have been eyeing that one on ebay for a while - i have both the Be Mine and the Be Mine mini and while i have been on the fence about selling the Be Mine, i've decided to keep her (the BMM was a keeper from the start!) - great deal!! And yes, the pearlized grey is soooooo pretty


May 16, 2008
mmm I've always loved this style and the I'm Yours... hmmm seriously considering it in purple matte ;P~

Congrats!! I love that grey too it's such a perfect hue!

You are reading my mind in terms of color and style as usual, aznkat! :nuts:

(It's a scary place to be, ain't it?) ;)

This pearl grey is lovely! I think light grey is a fantastic color for BE, esp. with the lining. Congrats!