A new bay and my small Chloé Collection

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  1. Its been a long time since I haven't posted in the forum and I have to say I've been missing it a lot:crybaby:. So i'd like to take the opportunity that I just bought a bay bag to write something and show you my small Chloé collection that I hope you will enjoy. I have to say that for me the best is still the whisky paddy which was my first purchase, the leather is still the best and the bag itself is so gorgeous even if they are all special to my eyes in their own way:faint:.
    So here are a few pictures, hope you like it, the bay is my last addition, just received it 2 days ago, if I'm not wrong the color is tan but please correct me if it's not the case.
    Sorry for the watermark but as you know it's a matter of security, hope you enjoy the pictures anyway

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  2. Great :tup:!!!
    OMG!!! You have a BLACK MEDIUM BETTY...I´m looking for it since last august :nuts::rolleyes::nuts:. I want it right now :nuts:!
  3. Sorry, I don´t know...Maybe it´s the large one :confused1:. I´m crazy, I see black medium Bettus everywhere :shrugs::Push:...
  4. its gorgeous and you have a gorgeous collection.
  5. it's the large one :P not so large after all, a really great bag, the leather is amazing too, so slouchy and soft, hope you find one, I can assure you that you will really love it :wlae:
  6. Thanks god :nuts:! The large one...If it had been the medium one, I would kill for it :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:...
  7. you have a wonderful collection and the new bay is absolutely beautiful - I love that color!
  8. Lovely bags, very nice and tasteful collection!
  9. Very nice collection... I love your Betty!
    PS Girls, enjoy this thread while you can. LOL! (Just kidding!)
  10. Great Collection...I love them all!
  11. Beautiful collection!:tup::heart:
  12. Great collection of Chloe!!:tup:
  13. that whiskey is gorgeous! :tup: lovely collection you have there! congratulations on the new bay! :yahoo:
  14. love your collection and i think u have the best color for each style!
  15. Great collection. I have a paddy in whiskey also...Is yours a baby paddy?, or are the other bags just really huge? Do you always carry it without the padlock?
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