A new bag or a Burberry trenchcoat?

  1. :confused1: What to buy?

    I'm used to paying high prices for bags, i have several Louis Vuitton bags but i have never bought exspensize clothes. I don't know the exact cost of the coat but on the Burbrry website they are about 1k but i live in Europe.

    I would love a classic chanel flap or maybe a louis vuitton baggy pm, a wallet and an agenda but the coat is also really gorgeaus. What would you do?
  2. I vote for both a bag AND a trench coat . . . just maybe not Burberry (sorry Burberry fans) -- love the look of a trench but they are very big this spring by all sorts of designers in many colors, I think you could find a great trench (if that's the objective) and still have budget room for a great bag! But, if you truly have fallen for the Burberry trench specifically, I would get it - it's an investment piece of your wardrobe, and you can get a great bag next season. Have fun deciding :smile:
  3. I vote for the bag! The previous poster is right, there are LOTS of really cute designer trenches this season for less! I think I am about to get a Michael Kors one myself, in addition to saving up for my new LV! :p
  4. A New Bag Will Give You More Mileage/options Than One Trench. That Being Said, The Burberry Never Goes Out Of Style And If You Have Your Heart Set On It Buy It And Wear With Your Lv...
  5. I vote for the coat because it's a classic piece which you'll be able to enjoy for a very long time and you already have some designer bags.
  6. Those Burberry coats can go on sale, but LV bags usually dont :smile:
    So I will get an LV and wait til those coats get on sale..which I think right now in US I saw some toggle coats on sale from $695 to $399..
    If you are looking for trench coat, I got one from Kenneth Cole thats equally cute and only for $300.
  7. I also vote for the bags, and not just because I'm bag-crazy. As other posters say, you can definitely find a great trench under 1K.
  8. I would suggest the trenchcoat. If you already have a great designer bag they go with the trench coat. I saw a great burberry twill trench on Neiman Marcus for $650

    Burberry*-* Trench Coat*-* Neiman Marcus

    If I hadn't just spent my money on my LV 25, I probably would have bought this coat. Definitely check this one out and it is gorgeous and classic. If you can find some kind of discount code it would be even better savings. Let us know what you decide!:smile:

    Wow! I didn't see that you live in Europe. If you want the coat you could try Burberry and select shopping in the UK.
  9. A Burberry trenchcoat is a true classic! I totally vote for the coat - you will have it forever!!!
  10. I'd say it depends on how many bags you have and if you have a great trenchcoat (although not Burberry) already. If you don't have a trench, it is definately a timeless piece so it is well worth investing in.

    But if you really are more into bags, and feel like you "need" another bag, then go for the bag.

    Ideally, I'd choose both, but I would consider what I need the most at the moment. Trenches are very "in" at the moment, so if you want to be super-trendy (which is not always my first priority, to be honest), maybe that's what you should be getting.
  11. I vote for trench coat. It's a real classic and such a versatile thing, you can wear it with everything, it won't get out of fashion, it gives you a chic look instantly. I'm going to buy a trench myself!
  12. tnx! The english site uses pounds and i live in a euro country so thats a bit unpractical

  13. Burberry had a place where you could do the rest of Europe on their site but it still took me to the UK site. I thought they would send from the UK to the rest of Europe and apparently, they don't shipped to other places in Europe. I also noticed that the UK site has better stuff than the USA site. I guess you would have to shop at a department store for you to get a great deal on their trench coat. It is a shame they don't have the euros up on their site.

    Let us know what you decide.
  14. I vote for bag :smile:
  15. Those Burberry coats are spectacular. And I'm sure you probably have quite a few purses. Get the coat.