A new bag for my mom [HELP!!]

  1. i want to get my mom (currently working in china) a nice "IT" bag that can be shoulder-carried and preferably leather (am i asking for too much with my low budget?). i'm only a student so my budget is only $1000. does anyone have any suggestions? she doesn't like any of the monogrammed bags (ie. the typical monogram on lv, gucci, etc). thanks in advance!!!
  2. this might be too cheap of me, but is there a price list for chanel/prada/miumiu, etc bags anywhere i can find so i know what kind of bags i can afford?
  3. Try looking in the subforums' "Reference" threads! Also, for LV, you can go to eluxury, and for Prada and other brands, try Neiman's and Saks to check out the prices.

    This is so sweet of you, and for $1000 there's a lot to choose from! LV has a lot of handbags that aren't the typical monogram (can you tell I'm biased? LOL), like the Damier print, Epi, or Vernis, which is much more subtle!
  4. I don't know about a price list for the brands you mentioned...but there are sales going on currently, and I'm sure you can get a nice Chloe bag or a Balenciaga! You can probably find a Chloe for under $1000 and a Balenciaga for just slightly over $1000.
    You are so sweet for wanting to get your mom a nice bag :smile:
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  6. Yep, that LV vernis rosewood is a gorgious bag! Especially in amarante! And very practical as well!
  7. I would probably suggest Kooba...
  8. You sound like a sweetheart! You can get almost any brand, if you shop at the right time, on sale for under $1000. Cole Haan is excellent and well within that price range even for full retail. My other personal favorites are Jimmy Choo, Prada, Gustto, and Botkier.
  9. hii guys!! i'm back!! ok i think i've decided to buy my mom a Cole Haan bag... what do you guys think of this one? ($320)

  10. ^I love it! I just bought my mom this one at Cole Haan!


    Plus it's on sale right now for $249!!
  11. I love that bag. But do you think your mom would wear pink? If I wear to give a bag to my mom I would go for more 'older' colors, like red or brown or black... But I don't know your mom's taste ofcourse... I really like that bag in itself though
  12. How about an LV bag from the Epi line? Very chic !
  13. It's a very pretty bag. She will love it.
  14. here's the only miu miu bag under 1k at Neimans. i dont think chanel or prada would even have any regular priced bags at that amount.


    if you are considering cole haan, i think this new bag in all their ads is the nicest style, it's $495


    or else, this one from cole haan is gorgeous as well for $450

  15. I think that bag is adorable. I disagree with the comment about needing an "older" color. I am a mother of grown children, so a lot of you would call me "older", and I would wear pink without thinking a thing about it. You're a good daughter, A4alice. Want to adpt me?...