A new bag for birthday, but help me choose!


Which bag?

  1. Burberry Nova Check Large Tote

  2. Gucci 'D Gold' Large Tote

  3. Gucci 'New Britt' Large Tote

  4. LV Neverfull GM

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  1. I'm so indecisive! I get to pick a bag for my birthday & I can't choose from these...

    I decided to go the practical route (ex: while I love my Speedy, I'm usually swamped w/having to carry school stuff & end up using wristlets when I DO go out, so little use there...), & get a bag that I could use for school.

    I had already purchased the LV BH months ago, but found it's actually a bit too "short" height-wise, so I returned that. Anyways, so all these bags will hopefully be the one I'm looking for to get the most use out of in school (can hold binder/notebook, etc).

    Burberry Nova Check Large Tote (13 3/4"H X 13"W X 6"D), $475:

    'D Gold' Large Tote (16.9"L x 6.3"W x 11.4"H). $960:

    'New Britt' Large Tote (13"L x 5.5"W, 11.8"W), $695:

    LV Neverfull GM (15.6"x 12.8"x 7.9"), $700:
  2. I like the D large tote.
  3. I think they are all a little grandmotherly and if you really are 17 you could do much better even if you are looking for something to hold school things. What about a F&C Mini City Tote in a fun color like the bronze or deep purple?
  4. All I can say is wow what a great birthday gift at 17. I like the first purse. The colors are nice in a tote. Have a nice birthday.
  5. Haha, I know a few other girls in my school that carry bags such as these, but thanks for the input.

    I checked out the F&C Mini City Tote, but it's not to my style unfortunately & I don't think its price is worth it. :sweatdrop:
  6. I'd totally go with the Burberry. It has a nice shape to it, its not too logoed out, and its very pretty how the black of the handles complements the black in the pattern.
  7. I voted for the LV Neverfull, because it is easier to match with different clothes; I also like the Burberry but your options of what you're going to wear with it are limited, the Nova Check usually looks only good with black, beige or red.
    Regina :smile:
  8. I like the Gucci 'New Britt' Large Tote AND the LV Neverfull! Both very cute, classy and will go with the most!
  9. out of those I like the LV neverful
  10. The Gucci Brit handles are so thin. Does anybody know what weight you can carry in this bag? I would not use it a college bag just because of handles Second, it barely have shape at the bottom, it will not stand and you can't close it, it does not even have small hook across the bag.
    Gucci D Large tote look more like a diaper bag.

    Large Tote (13 3/4"H X 13"W X 6"D), $475:

    'D Gold' Large Tote
  11. I like the 2nd Gucci and the LV the best but like someone said the handles are soooo thin! I imagine them cutting into your shoulder when the bag is full of books..... owie! I wouldn't go with any of those for school purposes....
  12. They are all too nice to carry books! You need something that you are going to kill using and not care if you ruin it.

    My 12 year old uses her Todidoki Lesportsac messenger bag for school. But that seems to be too young and funky for you.
  13. My school requires uniform, so I made sure each of these bags would somehow match me! :tup:

    Here is what I carry on an everyday basis:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    alice87, thanks for pointing out the straps of the Gucci 'Britt'! I think I prefer the Neverfull over that bag anyways when I really think about it.... :shame:
  14. I really like them all!
    I surprised myself by picking the Gucci Brit first since I am not a Gucci fan at all - LOL! But the LV would get my vote hands down if the handles weren't so skinny! And of course I do really love the patent handles on the Burberry ....
    OK, sorry, I am no help :p
  15. I'd say a burberry for your age. Theres been posts complaining of the neverfull handles so I'd stay away from that. I don't really like the gucci. Burberry seems like a cute bag.