A new b-bag shape for fall?

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  1. Huh...that is kinda different!
  2. Yikes, It is a FAKE of a new bag which has not even been offered for sale yet. Do a search here on "Sphere" and you will find info on the legitimate bag. The link you posted has already been discussed in the authenticate thread above, maybe you can find more info there! : )
  3. If that was authentic, I'd be saying "forget the shape! What's the name of that color"???
  4. wow...I am speechless...that is awful. And they're calling it a "wallet"? lol.
  5. Saw this earlier today.. insane how quickly new styles are being faked! Obviously the people who produce fakes watch communities like tPF and stalk waiting for pics! :ninja: crazy!
  6. I bet they get their pics from some other source much earlier than we do.
  7. WOW!! I can't believe they already have a fake made for that shape :sad:

  8. :nuts: was thinking the same thing!
  9. Me too! Nice colour...This fake should be in our hall-of-shame :roflmfao:
  10. yup, I really like that color too!! lol..