A new addition...

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  1. No striptease here! So its just plain and simple and straight to the point :tup:

    Here is my newest addition to my lv family. Meet Ms Multicolore Zippy Coin Purse. Got her before official launch in Canada! Yipppeeee:yahoo:

    Not so WOW over the color combo but its no big deal. It's got purple and pink , thats all i care about.

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  2. This is my small multicolore family.

    I wonder whats next up for the family... Any ideas?

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  3. This is gorgeous and so functional! I want one! LOL Congrats!!
  4. It's so cute... I LOVE the Color Combo! :smile: Congrats!
  5. Aww.. I actually like the colour combo that you got, the blues ! :love:

    Congrats !
  6. Wow Meeks, your MC collection grows fast! Congrats on that cute zippy coin !
  7. Beautiful, congrats...I love the colour combo too! I'm very jealous, hope to get one soon...
  8. I :heart: it .... so cute.

  9. Super CUTE!

  10. thanks for all the sweet comments everyone! the collection did grow fast, i got my first mc in january

    the thing i love most about new additions, is the new collection pics i have to take.

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  11. Congrats, I am loving the zippy more and more! :heart:
  12. Congrats! What a cheerful new addition to your family!
  13. Congrats, Fellow Canuck! :nuts: Gorgeous collection and I LOVE the new Zippy!
    Too bad our boys didn't make into the playoffs this year, eh? Next year though! GO, CANUCKS, GO! :dothewave:
  14. I will always have hope for the boys. It was sad that they didn't make it, but definitely next year. But it might be time to say byebye to Linden and Nazzy :sad:
  15. nice nice !