A new addition to my sig stripe gold set!

  1. I've been wanting this hobo for awhile now and well when it went on sale at Macy's they were sold out!, all that was left was the bronze one.

    Been stalking eBay for this and I finally bought one! for $89.95 shipping included. I think it's still a pretty good deal. I know they also went to the outlets but I had no time to go and plus, it's a hit and miss at my outlet so I'm sure they don't have them either.

    Anyway, here's her solo picture and with the family! :smile:


    I :heart: it!


    goldsigstripehobo.jpg goldsigstripehobo2.jpg goldsigstripeset.jpg
  2. Very nice! I've always loved the gold sig stripe.
  3. Very nice set. The gold was my favorite.
  4. I love the gold siggy... very pretty! I love your whole collection... congrats! :tup:
  5. Pretty family!!!
  6. Very pretty! I love it! Great family!
  7. Aw what a sweet family you have there! LOVE IT!! :smile:
  8. you're making me want the gold stripe tote. i just saw it at my marine exchange and just stared at it. oh well. maybe i might get it.
  9. very nice!!! Gold is Beautiful
  10. Thanks guys!

    TnC! You should get it! :yes:
  11. This might have to be removed on account of that i'm sooooo jealous!
    gold signature stripe is my favorite!
    I want that tote so bad! but I can never find one!
  12. Wow thats quite a collection of sig stripe gold! Beautiful pieces - congrats!
  13. What a beautiful collection! I love the gold!
  14. What a great addition to your beautiful family :yahoo:
  15. Yay! Your gold sig. stripe family is complete!