A new addition to my balenciaga family...


i need a money tree
Mar 5, 2006
hi ladies my Anis City is finally here..yayyyyy...:love: :shame: :biggrin:


rose twiggy, mustard coin purse and anis city:


soon to come::lol: :lol: :love:

sky blue 05 city
orange 04 clutch
Congratulations on the beautiful Anis! I LOVE the color! That little coin purse is wayyyyyy too cute! May have to get me one of those!

Enjoy and I can't wait to see your Sky Blue City and Orange cutch!
Looking good AmourN20. :biggrin:

I think I've talked myself out of a black b-bag; how can I get a black when there are so many fun, vibrant colors out there. :amuse:
thanks again...:P

Loganz tee hee hee I was also thinking of getting a black city, but I have so many black bags already (including my birkin) so I went ahead and bought vibrant bags:love:

I am excited about my sky blue city though:shame: :love: Thanks to a fellow PF member..I owe you 1 girl!!!;)

But if I see a turq 05 city, then I have to let go of one of my babies...
this is sooo funny...now I got an email from a friend in SF who is"finally" letting go of her eggplant city...yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...so now, I have to let go again of one of my bags (one bag in, one bag out)..I am thinking of letting my Anis City go since I love the purple/pink colors more.

Any takers?:love: :shame:
Eggplant city! Awesome acquisition, Amour. You are going to LOVE this color. And the leather is to die for.

If I had to chose between the Anis and the Rose, I would give up the Anis, the reason being that I'm not a big yellow fan. But, I think that the Anis is a more unique color in general than the rose is, so you might want to hang on to it for that reason. And Bal seems to like to produce more colors in the pink family than they do in the yellow family. It's a tough decision to make.