A neverfull polo

What is your favorite combo for a neverfull family?

  • GM in mono with MM in Damier

  • GM in Damier with MM in mono

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Jul 5, 2008
The Rainy City
I want to get a MM in Damier and eventually a GM in mon. I am not sure if I could handle so much Damier - and then I would use the mono for travel (it is my true love :love:) But I might change my mind when I actually see the Damier in real life...)

Princess Pink

Oct 3, 2007
I have the Neverfull GM, its huuuuge (but nice), I imagine the Damier pattern in a GM would just be too OTT for that size, but its up to you!


Shoe Addict.
Jul 6, 2008
i say GM mono and MM damier. But i like the damier so much better. i think maybe you should buy one and use it for a little and see if you still want the other. Thats my opinion bc its not like your going to be using both at the same time. maybe you should do a neverfull and a speedy. I just think variety is a good thing. But you should buy what make you happy and not regret it.