A "Never Say Never" quick reveal!

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  1. Well, I always said the 30cm was too small for me but this baby just WORKS! I love it! With a toddler, the less weight, the better. It also keeps me disciplined about what I carry which is great because I am so very guilty about carrying everything including the kitchen sink everywhere I go. It holds quite a bit but for someone that can outstuff a 35cm, this baby is perfect!

    So here she is...

    Gold togo PHW 30cm Birkin

    Thanks for letting me share!

  2. WOW - what a beauty. That is such a perfect neutral, too. LOVE IT!
  3. It's lovely. Congrats!
  4. It's amazing how much a small Hermes bag can hold, isn't it! GREAT bag - love the color. But the real "winner" is that adorable little by of yours. He sure has captured MY heart!
  5. beautiful bag. enjoy.
  6. Ooh, gorgeous. I loooove the 30, and the contrast stitching on the gold is beautiful. Health to enjoy! :smile:
  7. Beautiful colour
  8. What a warm rich color. Congratulations!
  9. modeling shots!!! it is gorgeous!!!
  10. Thank you, India! He is the love of my life (along with his father, of course...;))
  11. Delightful, I love the 30cm such a cute bag.
  12. Beautiful! Congrats!
  13. The bag is a fabulous neutral, but mostly we're in love with the little boy in the sunnies! (I say "we," because my younger son, who is two, is sitting in my lap and keeps saying, "See boy with gwasses! Again!"
  14. Awww! Adorable! Thank you so much!
  15. oh my, I have a 2 year old too and can relate to the gwasses :smile: So cute..