a neuron snapped and off you went!

  1. I was wondering, ladies and gents, how many of you have exhibited "crazy" behaviour (a relative term i know!) to obtain the H object of your affection. For example, damn near run down an elderly person to get to the store on time; or roll up to a family member's wedding late coz you were busy trying on stuff at Hermes; chased a fellow H lover down the street coz she was carrying the bag you've always wanted (and proceeded to buy it off her, right then and there). Or maybe took a mental health day off work so you wouldn't miss that long awaited phone call from your SA that just might change your life. Or possibly postponed a family vacation (much to the chagrin of said family) just so you could afford that prized H item.....
    Just curious ladies and gents. Go ahead and spill. No judgements here. And for your information, I don't consider any of the reasons stated above as crazy behaviour!;)
  2. WAS THAT YOU?????? :sneaky:
  3. was that me, wot?
  4. oh sorry, didn't see the highlighted bit, no, it wasn't me. though, i would probably chase someone down the street, though maybe not solicit them!
  5. he he!
  6. That is so funny ...are you drinking(wantitneedit)?
  7. Well my crazy behavior includes:
    1) I don't want that shirt/bag/skirt cuz I'm saving all my love for something H.
    2) I go crusing Estate sales/Goodwill/Thrift stores for H goodies (authentic of course!!)
    3) I plan my twice yearly vacation to Alaska around what I can get at the Alaska store.
  8. no, does this question seem odd to you? when you have an obsession, surely it makes you a little crazy, no? love does, so why not our favourite brand?
  9. 1) I don't want that shirt/bag/skirt cuz I'm saving all my love for something H.
    so are you walking around naked? :p
  10. No I have used all my extra money that I would be blowing it on bars, strippers, and my car and using it on more H goodies.
    I bought two grail scarves in the last 4 days so I am good for now.
    I'm not unveiling until my eBay id's expire.
  11. No , not naked...geez everyone would have to shield their eyes!

  12. Ok, I have one revelation everytime I go on vacation I immediately say is there an Hermes boutique there?
    Then my husband groans and says "Oh, Please...." but he secretly loves it cause he finds something for himself there too!
  13. ^nuthin wrong with that, you're being productive, multi-tasking....
  14. The amount of money I gladly spend on H compared to my salary is pretty crazy to me-and I don´t even spend a lot!
  15. Hmmm, nothing really crazy, but I am only just starting! I do still have a bag hidden from DH that I am trying to work out a way of introducing! Never done that before in my life!

    I still cant quite believe the feelings of lust and craving I get when I see my favourite items!