A name question!

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  1. hi
    I was wondering what a name of a particualar bag is because I have forgotton and if anyone has any pictures of what it looks like.
    So it begins with 'A' and has tassels on. Please can someone help me!
    Laura x:girlsigh:
  2. Araline?
  3. No, I have that same bag!! Apparantly it is bigger! Damn my bad memory!
  4. The aviemore is the largest of the tasselled nappa leathers bags; then the araline; then the angelica.
  5. Yes Aviemore, that is it!! thanks so much JazzyJay! Does anyone have any photos? Especially in olive greeen!
  6. Aviemore.jpg
  7. No, that's a picture of the araline just the other way around.
  8. Is Angelica the smaller one without a pocket or is that just something I dreamed?
  9. Yes, the angelica is the small one without the pocket. The large aviemore doesn't have a pocket either, only the araline does.