A mystery tale of TWO Turnlock Firebird Red Bowlers


Which red do you prefer? The lighter one on the left or the darker one on the right?

  1. Light on the left

  2. Dark on the right

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  1. Believe it or not, I recently was able to find another Totally Turnlock Bowler in Firebird Red. When I received it, I was immediately struck at different hue of red that the bag had. It was my understanding that the Turnlock Bowler only ever came in one shade of red. Both sellers informed me that both bags are indeed Firebird Red, and now I am slightly confused. The hardware is the same, the interior lining is the same, but the color is noticeably different! As is the texture of the leather. One is very distressed and smooth and one one is slightly pebbled and very velvety. I am unsure which color I like better, but of more pressing concern to me is WHAT COLOR ARE MY BAGS!?

    So if you could let me know what color these bags are and which do you prefer, the lighter red on the left hand side or the darker red on the right hand side, I would very much appreciate it.


  2. i think they came in firebird and cordovian, no?
  3. No not the bowler. The Heidi (One central pocket on the front, as opposed to two pockets side by side) came in Cordovan:yes:

    Here is a pic of the Cordovan Heidi
  4. note that the lighter firebird is missing studs on the tabs on the side of the bag. My bowler has a stud on the tip of each tab. maybe the light one is a fake??
  5. It's spot on though! Everything is immaculate and the same, the lining included. My black bowler from Bloomies doesn't have the studs either but the Olive green one does!:confused1:
  6. hmmmm. it really is a mystery... guess maybe they just put out different batches? Like I noticed the tabs on my bowler are sort of floppy and stick out a little and then the one without studs in your pictures looks like it has something stiff inserted in the tabs to make it stay down... recalling when i briefly owned a heidi, it was the same way. maybe it was a minor flaw in the bag they realized after they put it out and then released bowlers without floppy tabs???
  7. Thanks for your input guys!

    Im so curious! Maybe the firebird color came out in two seasons in 2006?
  8. That's definitely a mystery... in any case, I like the darker red better.
  9. hmmm...elux only had them in firebird, yam and black...but apprenly the same bag is available for pre-order this year.....maybe one is the old firebird and the other is a newer color?? it really looks like cordovan...that's really strange...the color is so much of a differance that i really think it's a totally separate color and not just a dye lot thang...
  10. good eye! but i dont think it's fake...as the lighter color is the 'firebird' im familiar with....the darker colored one is what's throwing me. i know the heidi bowler comes in the cordovan color, i wonder if this was maybe near the end of production from one line to the next and they started using new leather on older styles to meet demands....or maybe because the leather is a different texture it took the dye differently....geez i really dont know:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  11. Both are pretty. Do you think the darker one had some kind of leather treatment done to it, like protector or mink oil? In either case I like the lighter color.

    Can't wait to hear which you keep.
  12. I prefer the lighter one although I am lost/clueless as to why it differs.
  13. oh yah..i prefer the lighter one ;)
  14. The type/style leather on the darker one definitely looks more like the original bowler when it first came out. Both nameplates are from the first season, (I don't think the Marc Jacobs went past then or did they).

    Because of the leather, I vote for the darker one. :tup:
  15. I too love the lighter color. My immediate thought was maybe cordovan? But since that isn't the case...that is a mystery.