A mystery B-Bag!

  1. I purchased this B-bag a while ago, at least 4 or 5 years, from a very reputable consignment store. I know they got it from a woman who frequently consigned a lot of obviously authentic items i.e.chanel jackets, etc. --this was when the B bags were first getting hot and I don't think there were many fakes yet on the market, but this bag is so unlike the current B bag, in the years since I've wondered whether it's real and just a very old sort of prototype, or the original fake, fooling the consignor and the shop(Michaels on the UES if anyone knows it). The biggest thing is the leather--it's pebbley, not grainy, it's a nice rich leather but soooo not the typical balenciaga! it did not come with a mirror and the shoulder strap is different as well.

    If I saw it today on ebay I'd think FAKE but since it's been around a while I would love to hear what those of you who are real Balenciaga histrorians have to say. When did these bags even begin?

    thanks for helping solve my mystery!
    IMG_1052.JPG IMG_1053.JPG IMG_1054.JPG IMG_1055.JPG
  2. i think you are about to get good news but i am not sure. wait for one of the experts to chime in!
  3. Yup!!! That is authentic!!! Second season pebbled classique, from 2002!!!!
  4. Ooohhh the hardwares (flat brass, buckles, bales, hooks) looks just like my 02 classique - it started in 01 I think! And the leather tag (was the back side suede?) and tassels looks like it's circa 2002 as well. The leather is different though... I'm not sure...

    edit: LOL MiMi beat me to it!!! Interesting, MiMs, so back in 02 they made bbags with various different leather textures?
  5. callmelulu -- i pmed mimi before you posted. wanted to get you the good news! yay!!!!!!
  6. Wow what a great piece!
  7. I can see why they stopped using the pebbled leather.....although it is more durable than the regular goat skin, it doesn't have that casual, lovable distressed "look" JMHO :smile:

    I'm glad your bag is real! YAY!
  8. i think you had the option of pebbled, smooth and distressed in the first couple of seasons
  9. niice buy! havent seen too many pebbled leather flat brass classiques pass through! very interesting! keep it!
  10. What a great bag to have in your collection! It's a keeper for sure! Enjoy it!
  11. Very interesting! And different! I've always liked pebbled leather--of historical interest, but I also find it aesthetically pleasing.
  12. Yes! This is true. The pebbled only lasted for 2 seasons (F/W '01 and S/S '02) -- this is S/S '02!

    I love it ;)
  13. It is gorgeous! Hold on to it, and congrats!
  14. your bag is second season motorcycle. i almost bought that one in paris when i bought my 02 black first. the girls at bal told me the distressed leather was going forward, but not the pebble leather, it was a one or two season leather only. you will notice the differnce most if you try to put the handles on you shoulders, it is much thicker than the distressed leather handles. a real find!! very limitd edition, enjoy!;) ;)
  15. Thanks for sharing! That is very unique!