a myspace tracker that WORKS!

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  1. http://whosonmypage.com

    i signed up, and for once it's working, without silly spyware. if you signup, it will show you who's been checking out your page, but only if they're signed up too, otherwise it shows up as anon. totally legit, and it's free. you know i wouldn't spam you, i think it's really cool.
  2. That's actually really cool! I just signed up for it! Thanks! I always wanted to see who looks at my MySpace page...:biggrin:
  3. this would have been soooooo good to have way back when.
  4. how exactly do i check who's looking at my page? will it be there when i log in or do i have to look at my own profile?
  5. I heard that people who have these in their profile get their profile pages deleted completely?
  6. Ouch, someone ought to investigate that before we have PF members impulsively signing up for that.
  7. no.it's only a link you edit into your about me section. it can't do anything, you don't download anything, and you have to check your info on it's page not your myspace page.
  8. I tried to do it, but nothing shows up on my myspace page when I copy and paste the link, and it says I accidentally deleted it when I go to their page. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. It doesn't work for me.
  9. nothing's supposed to show on your myspace. i have no idea why it's telling you you deleted anything though, i'd just reregister with another email address.
  10. ooo thankx! I just signed up! how does it tell you who looked at your page? does it show there myspace picture?
  11. no links!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Very cool! Thanks.
  13. i'm skeptical of all these trackers...worried about what other software is bundled in with it
  14. this was posted a while ago, but there's NO software. you don't download anything.
  15. How to use a Myspace Tracker
    MySpace users may be tempted to use free tracking tools in order to track who is viewing their profile pages; however, new warnings regarding these free tracking tools have a number of users concerned about the legitimacy of such tools.

    While these tools can look quite appealing at first, users who have used them in the past quickly found out that when they clicked on the tool what they were actually doing was downloading adware that would track where they were going on the web instead of tracking who was viewing their MySpace profiles. One of the most popular of these sites parading around in sheep’s clothing is MyFriendSpay.com. It looks innocuous enough. Once you arrive at the site you are directed to click on an iron that will then instruct you on how to download the software required to track who is viewing your MySpace profiles. With one click a bulletin will then be sent to all your friends from MySpace instructing them on how they can do the same thing.

    A message will then appear informing you that the tracking software is not available yet. A Zango installation agreement will then pop up while you’re waiting. This is where one of the real problems comes up. So many of us are so accustomed to zooming and zipping around on the Web we quite frequently have become so blinded to online agreements that we tend to hit the Agree button without fully reading the terms and disclosures. Many companies count on that and Zango, apparently, is one of them.
    (I know this is kinda long, the continuation for this topic is here http://www.profilepitstop.com/articles/myspace-help/how-to-use-a-myspace-tracker.php)
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