A must read for every pet owner

  1. Many of you may have already seen this since it is circulating on Facebook.

    It really touched my heart and had tears in my eyes halfway through.


  2. It is very heartbreaking. When we bring into our lives a pet, we not only owe them a good life but a good death as well. This means we must be there with them at the end, we should not be selfish and keep them alive when they are suffering, and we should thank them for their love.
    One of the only reasons I behave myself is because I have hope that we see our pets in heaven after we die.
  3. I actually sobbed just now reading this. It hit me all of the sudden half way thought too.
  4. I cant even. I saw where it was going and just cant. Too soon after having to put down my sister. I am tearing up as it is.
  5. This is why I have nothing good to say to people who have to have pedigree animals and purchase their designer possession from breeders. Shelters, pounds, rescue facilities are full of worthy deserving loving animals. Yet every year millions of perfectly healthy animals are killed. Heartbreaking doesn't even begin to describe it.
  6. I'm one of those people who purchased from a breeder. The story went as it normally does for so many people. We decided we wanted a kitten. Went to ONE shelter. We walked past so many adult cats who were desperate for love & a home. When there were no kittens, we went to a breeder and adopted a Bengal. To say I fell in love with him would be an understatement. I instantly went from not really being an animal person (DH wanted a pet) to being the epitome of a cat lover. Bengals typically need companionship (like most - we didn't bother to research. We bought the "prettiest" breed). At that point, I insisted we only adopt a shelter companion for him. Brought a 9mo old "High energy" cat home who couldn't have been further from the truth. Poor thing hid in a corner and cowered while my "angel" ran around her like a lunatic wanting to play aggressively. We tried for two months and when it didn't work - we worked w a rescue and kept her with us until she found a new home. My husband decided to contact a Bengal breeder and shortly after we had a second Bengal kitten - who, was the best match for our family.

    The moral of this very long story is - I have a tremendous amount of guilt over this. I participate in many cat related forums for advice and when I hear these stories about animals losing their homes, or dying in shelters through no fault of their own - it breaks my heart. Don't get me wrong - all animals , pedigree or non deserve love. But I do struggle now that I have a love and passion for my, and all cats. When I think about how I Could have changed a life for one of those cats at the shelter, it makes me feel tremendously guilty.
    Now, my new rule is, when I treat myself to something extravagant ( bags, shoes, etc) I make a donation to a cat rescue. Some are in my state. Other times I do It anonymously based on their blogs about cat rescue. It doesn't make me feel better... But it helps.
  7. I could hardly bring myself to read to the end....I can't bear it.
    I have two pedigree cats, I don't feel guilty about this as I have never, ever turned away an elderly or Special Needs cat (gosh, there are eight of them in various napping positions around me as I write) who needs a final Furever Home - and I never will. While I'm able to help, I'll carry on. Each and every heartbreak is worth it because it means another cat has ended life happy, safe and secure....knowing (some for the first time in their life) what it's like to be loved.
    I just can't bear to think about those cats and dogs who aren't as lucky. It makes me so, so angry thinking about people who discard their animals like they're rubbish. Karma is going to turn and bite them so hard one day......
    Editing this to say, even my pedigree kittens would be rescue kittens had a shelter allowed me to adopt babies - but they felt I should stay with adopting the feline 'problem cases'. We agreed to diagree with this. All the heartbreak I go through as my furkids go to the Bridge, Maia-Annabel and Tommy bring me so much joy and happiness.....in a way,they encourage me to carry on with what's turning into my kittie hospice.....

  8. Yeah there are places like, Zellers here in Canada where you can donate all your points to the SPCA every little bit helps
  9. Clevercat, I envy you. I live in an apt, so taking in too many cats won't work for me. But, I always tell my DH I'd love to be in a position space wise to help out the elderly & special needs kitties.

    It's a wonderful thing when someone can open their home & heart and take in these animals and show them love & comfort they've lacked in life.
  10. This is heartbreaking :cry: I hope everybody who is a pet owner to become responsible and mindful of their pets. We have our family, friends and work, but our pets only have us. Let us not forget that. They love us so much, so let us reciprocate that love. We should look at them not as just pets, but as part of our families. SIGH.
  11. stuff like this makes me so upset. i'm on a few facebook swap sites (kinda like online garage sale) and SO many people lately have been putting them pets up to find new homes. for many reasons like this. they have families now and they aren't giving their pets enough attention... they're moving and can't take the pet... i know things happen. but it makes me upset. i do everything for my pets. if i can't have my pets then i know who they will go to (my parents) and while i know everyone doesn't have that i don't know how people can just toss them aside.

    my friend's sister recently gave up her THREE cats because her DBag husband wanted a dog and the dog wasn't getting along with the cats. this husband, whom she almost divorced twice, whom cheated on her twice WITH the same girl was now saying "it's me or the cats" and she chose him. i couldn't even feel sorry for her when my friend was saying how her sister was bawling as they dropped them off at the shelter.
  12. I became really teary while reading that and had to cuddle with my dog afterwards. :sad:
  13. This made me cry. It really hurts me thinking about all those poor animals.
  14. So sad. I tried to read through the entire message but I couldn't...I knew where it was heading. I can not even imagine ever leaving or giving up my dog. He is apart of my family. If I lost my house and had to live out of my car, you can bet my dog would be right next to me.
  15. that story is heartbreaking....made me cry
    We have two kitties. One was adopted from the shelter and one showed up at our back door. I really feel good about saving them. I think a dog or cat who has been saved knows it on some level and appreciates it.
    It's terrible when people relinquish an animal family member because they decide it's inconvenient to keep them.