A Mulberry bag as a laptop bag?

  1. I'm not sure if this has been brought up before, but I'm wondering if it's possible to use a Mulberry bag as a laptop bag. I was thinking of perhaps one of the tote-style bags (maybe an Elgin? Not sure of the dimensions though) rather than a messenger type, where I can put my laptop in a protective sleeve of some sort and put it into the bag, and it's ok if the top bit sticks out a bit. Do you think this will work? Or will the combination of bag and laptop make it too heavy? Or will one of the larger messenger bags work better? :confused1:
  2. Think it could get quite heavy to be honest.
  3. One of the larger messenger bags (prob ones from men's range) would work. There are some that have a flap so your laptop would fit in nicely and not stick out. I do agree with Jo tho, think it could get heavy and cross body it could also be cumbersome. Guess you'd need to try it and see.
  4. There are a number of bags specifically designed to be laptop bags; there is a laptop bag/computer case in Flight material available in black or mole, and has a detachable shoulder strap. You may also be luck to find a similar item in scotchgrain, but they are rather thin on the ground.
  5. I use my Elgin as a work tote and it holds my laptop quite nicely. Laptop is in a padded sleeve and still room for a few other items.
  6. Is it really heavy????
  7. No heavier than my husband's laptop bag. It doesn't bother me and I actually prefer this bag going through the airports.
  8. thanks for all your replies guys.

    i'm not in favour of a messenger type bag cos i've tried that before and it was cumbersome and bit hard to walk as my laptop is not exactly very light or small. so i prefer a tote type bag. easier access too for getting other things out.

    jazzyjay - thanks for your suggestion. will be on the lookout for scotchgrain totes that are the right size. think they will work if the laptop's in a sleeve.

    zooba - good to know that the elgin is suitable. may i ask how heavy or large is your laptop? and i agree with you that it's a good bag to use for travelling or when flying.

    hmm i wonder if there are elgins in the mulberry shop here for me to try them out? are they still sold in the regular (non-outlet) shops in the uk?
  9. Had to go check out my laptop specs- it's 6# with a 15" screen. It's a good sized laptop.

    I hate going through security with a zippered bag. End up spending the rest of the trip reorganizing things.
  10. Have a look at the thread i just started about the bag i've just seen on e-bay. That looks massive enough to hold a laptop in style and looks like it has a comfy strap!!!
  11. great thanks. mine has a 14" screen so it should fit fine. oh dear i sense a hunt for an elgin coming up or a hunt for some other tote. :graucho: perhaps something in black or something dark.