A mother's day trip to Hermes NYC

  1. Just wanted to post a little story about my mother's day weekend (Saturday) trip to Hermes NYC. It was such a wonderful experience. I was in the store with my son (10.5 months) and my husband. As soon as we entered the store, a sweet older lady came over to us and leaned over to my son in his stroller and asked him if he needed any help buying his mommy a present. It was cute. She then very patiently showed me the different perfumes and also the different types of agendas. She was excellent at explaining the different leathers and the practicality of the various agenda sizes. In the end, my son bought me 24 Faurbourg (sp?) perfume. The SA brought us over to the cash register and then complimented my son on his wonderful taste and special gift for his mommy. When she brought the bag around from behind the register to give it to me, my son started whining because he wanted a bag. She was so sweet and went behind the counter and got him his own little (empty) orange bag to hold. It was so nice of her to do that. She then walked us to the door and told us to come back and visit her again soon.

    Sorry this was so long, but it was such an excellent first Hermes buying experience and I had to share:shame:
  2. What a wonderful story. So heartwarming! :love:
  3. That's a great story! It's so sweet that she was so nice to your little man! Of course he wanted his own bag - he's got great taste like his mommy! Enjoy the perfume!
  4. What did the SA look like?
  5. Now that's a wonderful Hermes experience!!

    So happy you had the best Mother's day present from your son!!
  6. What a pleasant trip! And I have and LOVE that perfume - it lasts a long time too!
  7. Such a cute story! Enjoy your wonderful new perfume!
  8. It's always so nice to her of good experiences at Hermes....I'm so glad you had one on your special day! Enjoy that delicious perfume!
  9. So glad you had such a wonderful experience! :biggrin:
  10. So glad you had a wonderful experience! That is how all SA's should be! And Happy Mothers Day! Dylan has excellent taste!!!
  11. Couldn't agree with you more Jag! This is the way this fine store should be!!!
  12. :yes: Thats precious:love:
  13. I'm so glad you had such a nice visit! That was very sweet of the SA to be patient enough to include your son in the shopping. You got a very nice gift also!!
  14. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience :flowers:

    I hope the next time I come to my local Hermes I'll have a lovely story to tell as well..
  15. I was in the NYC Hermes yesterday! My SA Lisa was so very nice and helpful! I looked at a few bags, looked at the leather book - held a birkin, a couple kellys, plume, trim...looked at wallets and bracelets and scarves. She spent time showing me several ways to tie them. I loved her and wish I lived here!