A Mother & her Mini-me

  1. I went to Las Vegas recently. While I was at the airport, I saw a woman carrying a mono speedy. Her daughter, who couldn't have been more than 4, was carrying this:

    It was so cute to see :smile:
  2. i think that's abit crazy. But i'm sure it was cute to see.
  3. I agree. I would never buy a child a bag that expensive, but it did look cute!
  4. Aww it mustve been so cute!
  5. You should have snapped a pic! ;)
  6. If I only had a daughter......
    what a great excuse it would be to get more bags !!!!!!!!!
  7. That's sweet, and lucky little girl having her own LV at that age.
  8. that is too cute!
  9. Awww... sounds to cute! You gotta start future fashionista and LV addicts early! :p
  10. That's cute ... would have been a great picture to take! I have a 13 year old daughter ... thank God she's only into Juicy's right now ... but she does have dibs on my bags ... lol!
  11. Like Angelina Jolie and her daughter with matching Valentino handbags... Waaay over the top, but it cracks me up!
  12. Awwww! I would never do something like that with my own kids, but it sure is cute when someone else does it.
  13. If i had a little daughter I would DEFFINATELY buy her a mini speedy, but only let her carry it when im with her..
  14. Yes, it does help, but then you also have to share!