A Mother & her Mini-me

  1. I went to Las Vegas recently. While I was at the airport, I saw a woman carrying a mono speedy. Her daughter, who couldn't have been more than 4, was carrying this:

    It was so cute to see :smile:
  2. hehe cute.
  3. That will be the cutest scene.
  4. so cute
  5. oh my i would be so scared she would lose it!!
  6. How cute!
  7. Aww that is so cute. I wanted to get my 3 years-old cousin either the Mini Pochette or the Mini Speedy since her mom is a LV lover as well. It'll be so cute. This is her, she loves makeup & nail polish & she's only 3 years old. What do you think? should I get it?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. I wonder what a four year old would need to carry around ...
  9. I think you posted this thread twice???
  10. Your little cousin is adorable! I don't know about LV for such little children - I'd be afraid they'd lose or ruin it. But it's a very cute idea.
  11. Yes, but I don't know how to fix that... Whoops. :push:
  12. I also have a mini me at home. I bought it for her as a sentimental keepsake.
  13. Thank you. OH no she's very careful with her stuff. She actually never rip stuff especially her purse and she sits still when she gets her nail done.
  14. That must've been the cutest thing to see while idle waiting for the plane ride.
  15. I think you should get it. She really adorable and if she's careful with her stuff why not :smile: