A Month to Confirm an addess?

  1. I had an email from a potential buyer of one of my bags and she lives in Italy. She doesn't have a confirmed address and she has 11 feedback of 100%. I asked if she could confirm her address and she said it would take a month. That can't be true, can it? I don't remember it taking me that long or anywhere near that long. Although with the pace they do things in Italy, I guess anything is possible.
  2. I don't think you can confirm an address in Italy. I thought only addresses in the US, UK, and Canada can be confirmed.
  3. Ok. Thanks for this info. Do you guys think I should sell it to her?
  4. It would depend on her FB and how much the item is worth. If more then you are willing to lose I would say NO don't.

    If you can agree on another form of payment like bidpay, or money order then why not. I believe some gals on here even use a bank wire transfer but I have no clue about those.
  5. You can still sell to her just ask for bank transfer thats what I do!

    Altough my listings clearly states that I only accept payment from confimred addresses. Only addresses in Canada, US and UK can be confirmed. So they know if they are not from those countries they will have to pay bank transfer. What did you put in your listing?
  6. It isn't a leather bag right? You can't ship leather to italy.