A Moment of Silence

  1. A Moment of Silence- as I pray for the four Firefighters that lost their lives today one who I knew... doing what he loved in Southern California which in my heart will always be my home....:crybaby:

  2. I am very sorry for your losses.
  3. I am in Southern California and I didn't know anything about this. Got to check the news now.
  4. I'm so very sorry for you loss!! My thoughts and prayers are with the families that lost their loved ones today.
  5. So sorry for your loss. They are in our prayers.
  6. I'm so sorry for your loss...:sad:

    My prayers are with those firefighters and their families during this sad difficult time. :sad:

    I live in So. Calif. and the fire is about 1 hr. 40 mins. away. Around 11am I went outside to throw some trash and you could smell the fire. It was really bad. I could barely breath it in. Was pretty strong. :sick:

    My daughters Elementary School is within our neighborhood 'bout 2 mins. away...I was worried about the kids breathing the air. Good news is that they kept the kids in for recess and lunch.

    Also at my sons Middle School which is like 13 mins. away...they kept them inside as well, for lunch, etc.

    Most of the smoke has blown by...but if you go outside here it still smells smoky and the sky looks smoky/ashy in the distance.

    Again my prayers are with those firefighters and their families..
  7. I just read about that on Yahoo. My heart is heavy and I feel so sad for those firefighters and their families. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  8. I'm so sorry.. I was watching the news this morning, it's horrible. Prayers for all of them and for you too.
  9. I am so very sorry for your loss, as well as the families of these brave firefighters -- they are heroes. :angel::sad:
  10. This is so horrible. My DH is ATF agent and they are out on the fire scene as they feel this fire was an arson therefore the scum who started it will be charged with murder as well as arson. A sad day indeed.
  11. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of four brave men. My thoughts to their families.
  12. I'm so sorry for your loss. (((hugs)))
  13. sorry for your loss. my so is a firefighter and it is always amazing how quickly and selflessly each and every firefighter will risk it all to help another. true heroes
  14. I think the person who started this fire needs to be shot. Those poor families of the four firemen, not to mention the fifth who is burned on 90% of his body! It makes me sick. And they only have 5% of the fire contained. :sad:

    The other firemen can't even take time to grieve because they have to deal with the fire. It just breaks my heart. So many people's lives affected because some slime ball played with fire. :mad:
  15. Oh sweetie I am so sorry to hear what happened to those firefighters!! My prayers are with you and their families:sad: