A modest reveal....

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  1. Hi all

    This is my 'mystery' bag I took out yesterday and today.

    Purchased last week from Ebay for the fab price of just £77!!

    I feel abit humble about this reveal, what with there having been all those lovely Alexa's etc lately...

    It's in really good condition, just a small mark on the back. Whilst it doesn't make my heart sing, I know I'll use this more than my black Ant so think it's a keeper. DSCF1105.JPG
  2. It's lovely Lady F and what Mulberry is best at beauty,simplicity and functionality. And what a bargain!
  3. Great find LadyF, I'm sure you will find her useful!
    Modeling pics!!?
  4. Wow that's a good buy! Have fun with your new bag!
  5. Congrats, lady F! :smile:
  6. Great bag and a great price Lady F. You have a talent for spotting the good stuff on ebay. How do you do it? I'm looking for an oak Mitzy Hobo and am having no luck!
  7. Fantastic AND a bargain - nothing to not like about this cutie :biggrin:

  8. Thanks Ladies

    I wasn't really intending to buy/win this one - tbh, I was a bit tipsy at the time, and thought 'it can't sell for just £75', so I bid on it, fully expecting I'd be outbid, but that it would fetch a more realistic price. I couldn't believe it when I won it!

    I've taken some comparison shots with my choc one - the leathers are really different. Choc is quite grainy, but black is smooth.

    I'd have loved the black one to have had the silver hardware & the stripy inside (I'm obsessed with that lining lol!), but for the money, I'm really pleased. DSCF1103.JPG

  9. What an amazing bargain Lady F - well done you .
  10. It is a lovely discreet bag that can be used for any occasion and that will never go out of fashion. You had to have a black one too and how fortuitous (sp?) that it was a bargain.
  11. Great purchase LadyF!:biggrin:

    I have this bag too - I don't use it loads but it's such a useful bag to have. Everyone needs a Little Black Bag IMO and this fits the bill perfectly. If Mulberry ever make a black small Bays clutch with silver h/w I may reconsider, but until then.....:graucho:

    And well done on nabbing such a bargain!:yahoo:
  12. Amazing Bargain LadyF!
    I know what you mean about this bag style though, my choc somerset doesn't make my heart sing either, but it's a smart, no nonsense bag all the same!
  13. Congrats my bag twin :biggrin:
    I have the same two, and I use ( the black in particular) all the time, rain, snow no problems!
  14. Congrats and great bargain!!
  15. Congrats lady F! I have th oak (DD's really and so her choice) and i really wish we had got the choc or black as they are so much smarter....cannot really use the oak as a clutch at night!

    I think these are indeed Mulberry at its best. well spotted!
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