A Model Life

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  1. It's a sort of mini-ANTM with Petra Nemkova, the new face of celebrity disaster capitalism, in the Tyra Banks role, and a truncated roster of model wannabes, six achingly young girls, who, in contrast to the bounteous drama-fest that is why most of us watch ANTM, are not only virtually drama-free, but whatever personality or spark of intellect any of them might have is carefully edited out.

    There is one girl for whom this has presented such a challenge that the producers finally gave up, and now present her as the bad apple in the bunch, and seldom was reality show persona more ham-handedly and obviously created. Interestingly, this particular girl is the only one who is already a real live working model...

    The rest of the girls are terminally sweet.

    Exuding a cartoon-quality vapid innocence, they hang onto every word Petra and their other various mentors utter, rapt and wide-eyed.

    After a visit from a nutritionist, who pronounced only one of the girls as even on the charts with regard to body fat, she and one other who have been deemed not yet sufficiently skeletal "struggle with their weight."

    In addition to self-consciously presiding over the awkwardly staged predictable lessons on this or that aspect of practical and applied modelage, Petra also does things like takes them out to a park to plant trees because she is not just a figurehead but takes a very hands-on and active role in every step of the girls' development because she Cares and has all those dimples.

    In the most recent episode, the agency dude actually tried to get rid of the one with a personality (and the one who already knows how to model and clearly has a face that screams Vogue), and while the cameras did not actually show the producers' immediate apoplexy, nor the rival agency reps tongue-hanging and panting outside the door, the unmistakable stench of spent fireworks wafted from the screen as Agency Dude magnanimously announced that he had decided to give Angelika another chance.
  2. Interesting....I wondered what happened to Petra since she's had so much surgery and cant do bikini shots anymore....
  3. I found this shop channel surfing a couple weeks ago. I really like it. A couple of these girls are absolutely gorgeous.
  4. I have enjoyed this show as well.
  5. Yes, the girl from Brazil I think is gorgeous. I didnt like the zinger that Petra said while in an interview that her show wasnt "fake with fake challenges" referring to ANTM. I guess she doesnt understand that is what teaches the girls.
  6. I've seen this show! I like it, the girls are really pretty!
  7. I actually quite like this shows a lot.

    The models are really gorgeous and I could do with the overexcessive drama like in the other reality tv shoes.

    Shimmapuff, just out of curiousity, which girl now works as a model and was the bad apple? Was it Angelika?
  8. I LOVE this show. My Friday evenings are booked as I watch What Not to Wear at 9, and this at 10. lol.

    All of the girls are gorgeous, but I'm rooting for Valeria and Lucia.
  9. Yes, Angelika has been modeling for two years, I think she said, and though they do have her sometimes saying she learned something or enjoyed a particular lesson, for the most part they focus on her "outspoken-ness."

    My impression is that she is also the only one who has any experience living on her on, there was one scene where the other girls were curiously asking her "what it's like" or some such.

    From a reality show, we can't really tell whether she really does lean toward abrasiveness or *****iness, but she is the only "grown-up" in a bouquet of what are basically schoolgirls, so she is not quite as star-struck, awe-struck, or conditioned to be seen and not heard and do as she is told, not in the model sense, but the child one, and that contrast is the basis, I think, of presenting her as the "bad" one.

    As a note to all the newbies, I am notorious for thinking about these shows waaay too much. Don't let me send you screaming from the TV forum. Just scroll down and read the next person's message. It will be brief, to the point, and interesting.
  10. Met too. Lucia is adorable. I do like Angelika a lot though.
  11. I totally agree that Valeria and Lucia are the most stunning. Valeria's smile could stop traffic. I think her figure is beautiful, despite the agents' insistence that she's too heavy. Lucia's sexiness is classic, smouldering Brazilian hotness! I don't get that super-duper skinny one with the cropped hair, though...I don't think she's even remotely attractive. She's awkward and goofy-looking with big teeth...very asexual. Not that there's anything wrong with being androgynous, but she doesn't draw me in at all.

    Angelika is beautiful...clearly the "Angelina Jolie"-ish cast member. Edgy, mysterious, yada yada.

    I really LIKE the fact that there are no "challenges" nor a manufactured sense of drama on the show. For a reality show, it's fairly documentarian, and aside from Petra's glamorous and scripted appearances, it does feel pretty believable.

    I've got this on my Tivo list, yay!
  12. Lucia is from Slovakia and has big blue eyes.

    Beatriz is from Brazil. She is 16. She and Lucia are the ones who have been told they are fat.

    The nutritionist found that only Lucia was even on the chart of healthy body fat ranges, and she was barely there.

    The others are so malnourished that they are literally "off the chart."

    Nevertheless, it is felt by the various mentors that Lucia and Beatriz are too plump.

    In reality, of course, all the girls are so thin that they are not really pleasing to look at.
  13. Oh man, did I butcher the names or what?!? OK, I just went to the A Model Life web site, and Shimma you were right on all the names, of course! I think the Slovakian girl (Lucia) has a beautiful, doll-like face and she is sooo not "heavy" as the agents said. And the Brazilian girl (Beatrice) is totally hot...reminds me a bit of Adriana Lima. Both are total skinny sticks! The modeling industry is just too brutal for words.
  14. i can't believe how gorgeous those girls are on. and they are often not wearing makeup on the show. just unbelievable. very envious.

    beatrice is totally hot, but very dumb.
  15. I like this aspect too. Not the typical reality show. It's refreshing.