a mix of gold+silver h/w?

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  1. A while back i saw a purple maxi with h/w that looked like it was mix of gold and silver, is this possible? I kind of regret I didn't buy it back then, but does anyone know if there are purple maxis coming out with this type of h/w?
  2. I have seen some vintage bags with both hw on the cc lock. as for a purple maxi many here myself included are waiting a perfect purple to come out. no sigh of it just yet but keep your eye out and you never know
  3. it wasn't vintage, it was a brand new maxi that came out about a year ago. it was purple lambskin maxi with neither gold nor silver h/w. the h/w looked like a hybrid of the two (if you were to mix gold and silver together). i remember asking the sa what kind of h/w that was cause i never seen that color before and i think she said it was a mixture of gold and silver. Anybody have that h/w and can show a pic? Anybody know if it's coming back again?
  4. After going through the Chanel Library, I found this: a violet lambskin jumbo with LIGHT GOLD H/W! I think this it, except i remember the color being a little darker and it was a maxi instead of a jumbo.

    Anybody know if were gonna see LIGHT GOLD H/W again?

  5. purple lambskin is coming out for spring 11, but it will be shw, and in the reissue style
  6. could be Ruthenium h/w u are thinking of