A Miroir prototype bag...

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  1. So my friend who's currently going out with Marc Jacobs got this bag from him, he told me that it was a prototype bag that costs around 19,000 Euros...you should see it in the flesh....it's orgasmic! :yahoo:

  2. ^ OMG, wth!? Is it real?! xx
    The LVs are cut off on the pocket?
    If it is real it's gorgeous!!
  3. WOW!!!! :drool:
  4. I love this bag !! amazing
  5. haha since it was given by Marc Jacobs himself then yessss :p
  6. does that mean it's going to be another miroir release in the future? :sweatdrop:
  7. Wow! Looks awesome, does not look fake to me, but who knows?
  8. Wow! So it appears the miroir line will continue!
  9. I think this means more miroir in the future :graucho::graucho: if MJ is still making prototypes of miroir bags then I suspect more will come
  10. 19,000 euros? highly unlikely...

    thats roughly over $28k USA dollars!

    and your friend is Jason Preston I presume?
  11. I was actually thinking the same 19,000 euro is very high, I have seen a graffiti prototype on eBay sell for less than a quarter of that. I think her friend is Ronny Giangualano :smile:
  12. hmmmmm well i know for a fact its proably not over $3k, im sure its less

    cool though, I like it. MAKE the MIROIR PERMANENT and I DONT CARE WHO DISAGREES! lol
  13. naw i'm not friends with hookers lol
  14. bingo yes its Ronny... :p
  15. I strongly agree!!lol:p
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