A minor detail on Spring 2007 swatches

  1. Does anyone notice the word "agneau" under the bigger heading "Arena" at the top right corner of the spring 2007 swatches? If I'm not mistaken, agneau is lambskin and we all know that the motorcycle line is goatskin (chevre) and named "Arena" for the type of leather and finish.

    I wonder if they are using it just for the purpose of swatching? It does bring a lot of questions to mind!
  2. That is really confusing to me. *pfffttt!*

    Okay, here's my stab at a theory: The swatch board swatches are made of lambskin, which is the leather used on the quilted bags.

    ??? whaddaya think?
  3. Actually you have a point! Most of the images of the bags in these colors are those quilted bags. I'm dying to see what it really looks lke in chevre though. That pic you pulled from atelier naff of the vert d'eau money in the spring 2007 color thread is much darker than the swatch. If it's more jade-like I'm all over it...
  4. So THAT'S what agneau means! I guess those swatches are made with agneau then for the quilted bags. I wonder if there's another swatch with chevre and would there be any difference in the color shades. :confused1: