A Mini Reveal: Reveal Lite.

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  1. This wee stunner, never revealed because it was delivered on the day I moved home. Fortunately the box was camouflaged from OH amonst the other boxes!!

    From Lovehandbags, via two previous owners, the last of whom was def a Tpfer.
    It could not have been in better nick on the day it hit the shelves. So well looked after has it been. That will change as she has never been off my shoulder!

    I just adore it and find the style fabulous.

    Oak trimmed Chocolate Alana!

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  2. Very nice indeed and a very striking colour combination. I can see why you are wearing it so often. Congratulations! xx
  3. Beautiful Corries! The colourway is stunning and I love the older styles like Alana and Emmy.
  4. Me too me too and I hope she gets a big Sis soon !!!

    Thanks IWANH xxx
  5. That IS lovely Corries. And you were looking for a two-toner weren't you?

    (Lite?? I hope it doesn't go the way the Guinness did!)
  6. Wow, what a stunner Corries.
  7. Love that colourway, so lush.
  8. Mmmmm very nice indead Corries - I love the 2 tone bags.
  9. a wee stunner indeed corries!

    where are the rest??
  10. What a fab bag Corries!
  11. Such a fine bag - I missed out on all those lovely 2 toned ones - great to find one in good condition.
  12. What good taste you have Corries (also thought you description of the oak 'octupus' on the other thread very funny!)
  13. Oooh she's lovely! And you're off the hook for the belated reveal. ;)
  14. Lovely chocolate and tan mix, a good excuse for a couple of purses don't you think? But maybe a big sis 1st!
    I am really liking the squarer shaped bags at the moment.
    Beautiful condition too!
  15. Its beautiful.....