A mini reveal...anyone around

  1. So, thought I'd do a proper reveal with this little mulberry beauty...
  2. Any guesses...
  3. Crazy amount of packaging for something so small but definitely adds to the fun :smile:
  4. :heart:Beautiful roses
  5. Thank you :smile: couldn't resist having them in the background.

    So onto next pic. (Think it's bit quiet on a Tuesday).....
  6. Totally agree. Looking forward to see what you got x
  7. I'm here.
  8. Here she is......Rose gold mulberry heart keyring to go with.....
  9. Oh, lovely. I love rose gold.
  10. My new preloved find on eBay...chocolate congo mock croc bayswater :smile:

    I bought the keyring as she was missing the cloche and I thought she needed a little something :smile:
  11. Very pretty, I love rose gold. How did you manage to get it onto the strap without damaging the leather? I've thought about doing this with mine but the keyring is so stiff I am scared to try.
  12. Lovely
  13. Thanks :smile:

    Well it was a bit of a saga!! I was disappointed the keyring didn't come with a snap clip (my fault for not looking at it properly on the website) and I was going to send it back. However my fiance, rather bravely, offered to try and get it on my new bays. Fastforward to two screwdrivers and me hopping up and down worrying he was going to damage the bag or snap the keyring and hey presto he managed it. I don't actually recommend it, it's stretched the d ring a bit and it won't be coming off the bag....ever!! But I'm pleased with it :smile:
  14. Wow I don't blame you, I'd be hopping up and down too if my husband came anywhere near my bags with a screwdriver or two!! Well worth it though, it looks lovely there
  15. Thank you :smile: I've told him the weddings still on, but it could have gone a different way ha ha :biggrin: