A mini pre-Birthday Reveal


I could give up shopping, but I'm not a quitter.
Jun 28, 2015
Third one's a charm! This is my 3rd reveal in the last 30 days.. and I got a few more in the works. Chanel seems to be reading my mind lately!

My birthday's coming up in a bit over a week, and I've been wanting a "true" sharp blue for a while, classic lambskin quilting (for the timeless elegance), in the elusive mini square size (for a small pop of fun color).

The cruise blue was very tempting but the color was just a shade light for me and wanted a slightly deeper shade of blue. The current season's chevron caviar mini is an absolutely beautiful shade of blue, but I don't want another chevron and also really prefer the square mini in a classic pattern.

My very nice SA held the first one that arrived for me, which makes for a very happy birthday. I got a few more little colorful cuties on the way that my SA has ordered and already placed on hold for me first upon arrival... wonder if they'd come before my birthday too - so excited! :presents:

Without further ado, my "pre-birthday" present.

2016 Spring Bright Blue Square Mini in Bright Blue!! Consistent with Chanel's bags, the color changes with/without flash and under different lighting from a deep bright cobalt darker blue under white light/sunlight, to a more indigo blue color under softer/yellow mood lighting.


Oct 14, 2008
Gorgeous! Congratulations 🤗 I just have a question for you, and not to be a party pooper, but are you worried about the delicacy of the lambskin? I also want a classic quilted mini and seeing how it's only offered in lambskin this season I just wanted to see what your thoughts are? TIA!
Nov 22, 2015
Happy early birthday!!🎉 This little baby is wonderful!!! Such a great color!! Congratulations!!!💙💙💙


Oct 29, 2009
So pretty!!! Happy early birthday!!! [emoji170][emoji170][emoji170][emoji170]


Jul 31, 2010
What a beautiful early birthday reveal!!! Enjoy your special day with your gorgeous blue mini! [emoji170][emoji170][emoji170]