a mini-flap question

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  1. i'm sorry if this have been asked before, but how much/what can mini-flaps hold up? cellphone, keys and a wallet or no-way in hell?
  2. Depends on what kind of wallet and cell phone. My mini flaps hold razr phone, sm coin purse, credit card holder, lipstick, small notepad w/pen and keys. If I use a tri-fold wallet, I can add the razr, lipstick and keys.
  3. I take my wallet out and use a card holder when I use my mini flap. I don't like weighting down the small bag.
    It also fits my compact, lip stick/gloss, phone, car keys and house keys and tissues.
    The bare essentials.
  4. thanks for the info everyone!
  5. Hi! Some time ago I made a thread with pics that maybe could help you! I am a happy owner of this mini flap, if you need any help just ask! :smile: