A mini baby boom after last winter's storm...

  1. I have two friends who are each due in September...first babies for each! :yahoo:

    Keep in mind we had a huge storm and massive power outage in the Northwest last December...many of us were without power for 7-10 days! :graucho: I know my two friends are only part of this mini baby boom around here!!
  2. that's hilarious :lol:. many of my friends are due soon too - sep, oct, dec, jan are months that i'm expecting new babies lol.
  3. Well, that's why late summer/September is one of the highest birth rate times! Happens every year!
  4. I've gotten pregnant with each of my dd's and this one during ski season. LOL. 2 October Babies and this one is due in September.
  5. Pursegrrl I have noticed this as well in our area! Quite a few of my coworkers are due in Sept/ October and my neighbors as well - we were without power for 10 days after that storm and I have a feeling lots of us worked pretty hard to stay warm those nights :roflmfao:
  6. That's so true! I'm due in Sept too! :biggrin:
  7. my mothers a midwife and she says september is always busy because of the christmas party season and april/may because thats 9 months from when most people go on holiday.
  8. I have three little friends that were made during hurricane Isabelle. One of them's middle name is after the storm. We were w/o power for over a week.
  9. Lol, too cute. We had a lot of "Katrina babies" down here-- born 9/10 mos after the storm :biggrin: