a million questions

  1. hi there, all!

    i hope this is posted in the right place. i wasn't sure if it should be here or in Chanel Shopping subforum. mods, feel free to move! ;)

    anyway, i own 2 chanel bags.. classic flaps. one is a black 226 and the other is a pink mini flap. i was looking to buy another one. i narrowed it down to three: the PST, the timeless clutch, or the luxury ligne bowler. the three are all very different which makes the decision even harder on me. i would use any of them a lot. no set purpose for the bag, just want one.

    can you guys help me out please?

    if you know the current prices on any of them and if/when they will be increased? which would you choose?

    thanks! :heart::smile:
  2. I would pick the bowler.
    The pst is $1250 and the clutch in caviar is $995. I have no idea if there will be price increase and what will or hopefully won't increase.
  3. so are u going to use it for everyday?

    Not sure how big is PST but as for a model i personally don't really like ligne bowler.
    So narrow to PST and timeless clutch.
    For everyday uses - such as work, grocery, etc - may be PST is good.
    Timeless clutch is good for evening and when you walk around the city, but definitely not for work.
  4. Pst!
  5. I love the clutch!!!
  6. I prefer GST over PST. Clutch is for evening. Go bowler.
  7. bowler!!
  8. i love love love the bowler!!!

    i don't know how hard it is to find tho....
  9. If you call the toll free number at Chanel.com they can tell you prices......I suggest the Luxe Ligne Bowler...I have it in Patent Leather and it is a very unique Chanel bag IMO.
  10. thanks, all. i'm not sure what i'll be using it for yet though. i know that a pst's a good everyday bag, i don't like the gst , no zipper thing too much. the clutch is gorgeous for evening and i think i'll pull what paris is doing and take it with me shopping from time to time. the luxe bowler is definitely gorgeous and i think i could use it for both day and night.

    so, as you can tell, still no decision. anyone know the current price for the bowler? i can't make calls, i'm in the philippines and we use some kind of prepaid system. hehe.

    thanks again!!
  11. I'd go for the bowler, but the PST is easier to find.

    I would love a medium metallic black bowler! Anyone know if I can find one in the boutiques still? Or is eBay my best bet? Chanel is only sold in NM and Saks out here, and they say they arent getting any anytime soon.