a MiD-Day in MidNight ... :o)


Jan 10, 2008
Blivlien...The handles have stretched a little.. but I've been using it on and off a couple days at a time. Even if they stretch more.. I don't think I could wear it over my shoulders w/ a winter coat. UNLESS, you have normal-skinny arms.. Lol. I If you're able to fit a first, or City over your shoulders.. then this one should be the same w/ a little more lee-way.

Lovely... overall roomier than a city, taller than a city..probably 20-30% larger. I'd say in between a PT & a City. It' s a great size, I don't find myself bumping into corners are anything..a pretty easy on the go bag. Only negative point I could find... is that I wished it had at least an addl 1" of shoulder space! oh yah, 1 more than to add... it lOooks great as it sits down into a puddle.. :tender:

Oh I wanted to add.. that the top flaps will eventually soften.. but will take time.. because it's 2-plied. If you look at the picture below.. you notice the flaps fall into each other... that will give more shoulder space in time.

I think this is a Marine GGH Mid-Day... please chime in if it's not.. but she totally rocks this MD.. !!

thanks for letting me know :tup: i tried on a ruby midday the other day and i had a tee, cardigan and jacket on and i could fit it over my shoulder, but i really want it to fit over a winter coat too...damn! it's such a good size though!