A Metallic Reveal - and An Exciting Discovery for Penny Owners!

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  1. So I have a fancy work event coming up, and I finally found the perfect little black dress - dress in case anyone wants to see it! - but I didn't have a good clutch... well, I had a 25% off coupon, so off to Coach I went! :biggrin: I ended up picking out a Penny in metallic leather, and first of all, the texture of the leather is just fabulous - I know not everyone loves the "rhino butt" feel, but I think it just looks and feels so cool!
    Rhino Butt!

    As I was laying it next to my dress, I was playing around with the strap and thought that since a lot of the other Legacy straps can be doubled, can the Penny? Coach website has pics to confirm, so I gave it a try - and it totally works!
    Penny on the Shoulder
    Penny on the Arm
    I accomplished this by unhooking one end of the strap, looping it around the flap, and rehooking... like so.
    Not Super Neat - But It Works!

    Did anyone else know this? Does this make the Penny a little more attractive? :biggrin:
  2. Love it! You look awesome! I keep admiring the Penny bag, so cute!
  3. just realized how messy my bathroom is - sorry! I know how much you all wanted to see what brand of toilet paper I buy... :blush::hs:
  4. Yes! My SA figured it out. But you don't have to unhook the strap. You can just make a loop in the middle and stick the flap through it. So you can change your mind on the fly without having to worry about losing the tassle.

    Congrats on your Penny. Don't get addicted.....:graucho:
  5. I've done this with some of my vintage flap bags.
    Your bag is awesome. I like the rhino butt!
  6. wow thanks! I have the Mahagony Penny and didnt know the strap could do that. I wore her cross body this weekend and I am addicted to her smaller size! I have got to get another!
  7. Love it, congrats on your penny!

  8. omg i love it!!!!
  9. what do you love? My Penny? YOU NEED ONE:biggrin:

  10. ya Legacy addiction
  11. LMFAO!!!!! I know, right! JHC I need to stay off of this forum and out of the Coach store!:lol:
  12. HEY SIS, mom said if you have 9 Lindsays then I get 9 Legacys:graucho: I got a lot of catching up to do
  13. yes I have the Penny emerald and in one of the pics on coach website they have the strap doubled like that!! now I am so wanting the penny silver too :smile: aahhhh

    PS what color is the penny tourmaline?
  14. Love this! I think the rhino butt actually makes it look a little less delicate and more forgiving to scratches etc. I also love the idea of the doubled strap. I have a few of the Rebecca Minkoff MAC bags, and I only wear them as a shoulder bag with the doubled strap, so now I guess I have to go and try on a Penny:P!
  15. I love it! Rhino butt and all! Congrats :smile: