A Metallic Brown reissue for spring?! Flipped through the Bloomies lookbook today! :)

  1. Hi ladies!! :smile: I popped in to Bloomie's in the city today to do a little shopping... I swung by Chanel and spoke with the nicest SA (who, of course, is leaving in two weeks time haha, go figure). :p While we talked about Chanel, I flipped through the look book (no pics, sorry) and saw that there is going to be a metallic BROWN (not gold, which was also listed) reissue!!! :love: :nuts:

    The other colors listed were gold, silver, green, navy, purple, red (I'm pretty sure), black, etc. (all the usual suspects we already know about). :smile: So I have no idea if Bloomie's is planning to order this metallic brown reissue (neither did the SA), or who might for that matter... it looked soo pretty, and thought I'd let my fellow brown bag lovin' pfers know!! ;)

    Ohhh, and from the small color swatches I drooled over, I also noticed that the green reissue didn't look like a dark, forest green to me (the SA agreed too)... it seemed lighter and brighter, which I'm hoping for (although my cc sure isn't)! :p The perforated crackled metallic calfskin bags also show a green, and in that pic, the green looked olive-y green, so maybe the reissue will be that color too... who knows). :nuts:
  2. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see the actual pic of the metallic brown reissue...sounds YUMMY~~
  3. ^ Me too hehe! :nuts: As soon as I saw that swatch, it was all over... another bag got added to my wish list!! :sweatdrop: :rolleyes:
  4. fiery - i saw the chanel lookbook today and saw the color swatches for the 2.55. the green does look olive-y green rather than a deep dark forest green. it's very light and very neutral.
  5. Hi! :smile: Ohhh, okay, good to know! :smile: I remember some pfers mentioning that the green was a bubble quilt type forest green, and I think one pfer even saw it in Paris (not sure about this though)... in any case, I'm really excited, because I think a lighter, more olive-y green is easier to wear (well, for me anyway haha), and would look so pretty in an iridescent metallic. :love:

  6. ^ minal, you have got to stay calm!! lol remember what we talked about!!
  7. Haha, I haven't forgotten! :p Besides, I have zero closet/armoire space haha! :sweatdrop: My "want" list is at a few bags, but I'll see what I end up with (hmm, can you have a birthday two months in advance? I think so.. :angel:)!

  8. ^ LOL everyday's birthday for us!!! hehe mine is next month, anything for me?? LOL hehe ;)
  9. thanks for the info... a metallic brown reissue would compliment my collection very nicely :nogood: any word when bloomies will be getting them in?
  10. Haha, sad but oh so true! :p Hmm... maybe a red reissue! ;)

  11. Hi! :yes: Unfortunately, I have no idea, and neither did the SAs. :sad: I *think* the book had the metallic brown reissue listed under Act I, and if that's true, it could be in anytime between Jan-March! :nuts: I would suggest calling the SA and getting on a list! :tup:

  12. minal :flowers:

    i spoke with an SA @ chanel rue cambon yesterday & he described the green as a "metallic khaki" ~ def not dark like forrest green ~ they had a "small" but it measured a teeny tiny 7.5" in length ~ colour sounds :love: 'tho ~ & now a metallic brown? ~ :love::love::love: ~ maybe that's the one on the other thread ~ hopefully it's not the red ~ :s ~ vx
  13. Good morning pf'ers! ;)

    So it seems the black will only be metallic black for the reissue, is this right? (I would love :heart:a MB with silver and a matte black with gold).

  14. OOOH I LOVE Brown! Thanks for the info!!!
  15. thanks for the info! the brown and the green sound really lovely