A metallic bronze reveal

  1. I was looking on Saks.com and clicked on the bronze hobo and noticed it also came in a brown metallic as well. They call it Espresso. It looks a little different though. Check it out
  2. Wow- drooling all over my keyboard
  3. It looks to me like it has a bit of a cordovan tint....like penny loafers.
  4. Too many choices on styles and colors!
  5. Now that got my attention! As much as I wanted to love the baseball cervo, mine stretched enough to make it too long for me so I gave it to my BF who's considerably taller.
  6. Soooo pretty, congrats!
  7. Bummer that your cervo stretched. I'll keep that in mind. I would never guess it would do that since it's not a narrow strap but maybe because it's so soft and squishy.
  8. Thank you!
  9. Wow, I haven't seen this one--great choice! Thanks for sharing your photos with us.
  10. Congrats! You're snagged a gorgeous bag - the beauty of a metallic coupled with the ease and durability of cervo. :smile:
  11. So after all the bronze madness, I decided that the bronze was not very 'me' and I exchanged it for espresso metallic. Here she is with the cervo wallet and electrique cosmetic case.
  12. a very awesome bag none the less!!

    just wondering...did you have any problems exchanging the bronze cervo for the expresso?
  13. I love this one! I think it's prettier than the expresso picture I saw on the Saks website. It's a very rich deep shade.
  14. Gorgeous! Just curious did you get this from Saks. I ordered the gunmetal cervo hobo from NM and it is still on pre order status. The bronze on NM status is still pre order as well.
  15. No problem with the exchange. I had not used the bag and sent it back well within the 30 day period.