A metallic bronze reveal

  1. Here's the metallic bronze woven cervo hobo. It is already soft, has a slightly shorter strap drop than my other cervo hobos, has a larger cell phone pocket (yay), and is not a super bright shiny metallic. The pic taken with flash makes the shine show up most. It was a pre order that I expected much later in the year, but she arrived today.
    I'll be honest, I'm still deciding, I want to be sure I'll really carry and get a lot of use out of this bag. I like it a lot and for me perhaps an alternate to the tan bag.

    Trying to attach pics, not sure it will work from my phone ... Haven't done it this way before.
  2. The pic above is when I used the enhance feature on the phone.
    This picture was taken outside in late afternoon sun without the enhance.
  3. It's beautiful! Is it heavier than your traditional Cervo?
  4. Sorry, I have to post them one at a time.
    Inside with flash.
  5. Oh my goodness. It would make sense that it's softer, because it's mostly woven. How pretty is this! Congrats!
  6. Thank you Diane. It is a little heavier, not much. I'll weigh them when I get the chance, prob tomorrow morning.
  7. More ... Against a white top.
  8. Thank you India, it really is quite luscious. I'm a little surprised but it is nice to not have to go through a break in period.
  9. Close up outside
  10. MOUSSE! Where are you! This is your new bag! LOL
  11. So beautiful!!
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    The detail is fabulous! I bet this bag will sell out in no time!
  13. It's gorgeous!!!
  14. Gorgeous. Look it is not as shiny as the picture. BV must have taken the inputs from this forum. Free data..hehe
  15. Oh this is GOOD!