a message of hope

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  1. hi iam 39 and had my first and only son at 22 he is now 17 and i adore him i did though have a terrible labour and one of my tubes was damaged . My son is perfect and me and my husband were and still our delighted to have a such a blessing we tried for another but to no avail and after many years of sorrow gave up . i never tried medical intervention but was told my chances of naturally conceiving were slim . anyways we just got on with life we moved country i left a stressfull job and we settled down to life raising our son then low and below nearly 12 years after my son came ciara came quickly followed ( in relative terms) by emer ,both are perfect and great friends. i have no idea how or why i got pregnant when i was older but i hope it gives someone out there hope:heart:
  2. Thank you for sharing this. I was just talking to my friend tonight about how hard it is. It's hard...And it's hard that even though your chances are slim that I don't know when or if it will ever happen.. I guess I shouldn't ever give up home until acutally stop having my period altogether and go through full blown menopause...