A message for our E46 friends...

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  1. ...please, stop wasting my time. And stop wasting yours, too. This is a fashion forum, not a playground for Bimmer fans to go on retarded rampages.
  2. u know, i was wondering wtf that was about.
  3. hmmm...guess i missed the drama
    but it was prolly not work my time anyways:rolleyes:

  4. When 16 year olds find a fashion forum populated by females the hormones go crazy... I just don't feel like getting tPF flooded with crap tonight.
  5. What is E46?
  6. so i guess i shouldn't post any photos of myself then? LOL. :lol::lol::lol:
  7. Heh, I was shocked to see this thread. I didn't know people were BMW fans haha. I post on a few european car forums cause I'm a female car modder heh.
  8. Thanks VLAD
  9. Same here. What is "E46"? :blink:
  10. E46 - BMW internal code name for the 3 series model from 1998 on.

    In this case, some E46-fan forum wanted to flood our community and wreck havoc.
  11. thank you for nipping it in the bud
    and for explainign it to those of us who are not expensive car geeks
  12. Hm, seems like a full time job for you...
  13. No.
  14. Go get him Vlad........LOL!
  15. ...........wow this is wierd...hehehe
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.