---** - A meeting with an angel, a travel in snow and a dream come true - **---

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  1. So... This is a story about meeting a true CL-Angel

    An angel, who had this only-one-left-in-the-whole-world-fantastic shoe in her hand (in the right style, the right colour and right size) ready for paying, but then passed the opportunity on to me.
    Because she felt, that I loved it more :girlsigh:

    I hope, that one day I can be CL-angel to another lady and point the right way to find the dream shoe.

    I paid for the lovely shoe. And what a step for me. The first purchase at full price. Not at sale, not from Ebay, a real buy.
  2. I was waiting hours, days and suddenly weeks.

    Where where my lovely shoes?

    I went through the cold winter, through the snow storm to the post office.

    Do you know where my shoes are?


    The answer was tragic. No. We don't know. Maybe we lost your packet!

    It was a hard time riding home on my bike!


    Looking down on my feet. Oh! Am I never going to wrap my feet in new Loubee-beauties?

  3. At home I was sitting on the coach feeling a bit sad. I had to leave to get to volley training, but didn't feel in the mood at all.


    Suddenly the door bell rang. WHAT? What could that be?

    Oooh, a postman! "Hey Mister Postman! Bring back my woman(-shoe)! Bring her back to me" :whistle:

    Soon on my floor was a nice bag with a even nicer inside.

  4. Yay reveal!!! :yahoo:
  5. come back yousofine
  6. (sorry, a little computer-crash)
    Finally through the rain, snow and dark! A special edition shoe!


  7. PS: did get it in a box ;)
  8. Barbie Biancas?!
  9. [​IMG]

  10. meggyg8r Yeah! :smile:




  11. Woohoo! Another Barbie Bianca! Congrats!
  12. Woo! They are beautiful!!! They look awesome on you. Congrats!!
  13. The best part is, that I've been so much in doubt about the fit, and they are PERFECT!

    A size 38.5. I'm normally a size 39, and a 39.5 in CL's.

    A 38 would have been too tight.
  14. those are gorgeous! congrats!!!
  15. Time to change signature :biggrin::yahoo: