A med Ivory Yris is on its way back to Bluefly...

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  1. I am really bummed that it was to small for me so back it goes. Is it possible to find a large black Muse someplace other than Ebay?
  2. I'm afraid the oversized is to big. I thought I'd check my local Nordies and see if they could get one first.
  3. I actually bought a large chocolate on ebay. It takes a LOT of research but it's worth it if you're looking for it lower than retail.
  4. Try Neimans. I know they have large black muses in several of their locations. (They got one for me at Christmas) and I remember seeing one in my local store this past weekend.
  5. Thanks, I am going to check Nordies on Saturday and hopefully they can get me one. My San Diego Neiman Marcus does not carry YSL.
  6. Call YSL at South Coast Plaza..was there yesterday (I also live in SD and drove up there to buy a downtown!) and they had a black large one and a large patent one..so wonderful! The girls are so nice - Cindy, Theresa, Kim! They are easy to work with and fedex it out to you next day..sometimes for free...
  7. Actually, Nordstrom (Fashion Valley) was able to find a large ivory for me (should be here tomorrow) and the best part is they price-matched it. I got it for $648.00!! They had one left in their Seattle store. I am so excited. What color Downtown did you get? I'm thinking that may be my next purchase.
  8. Oh, a price match? Nice!!! I had to send back a Tribute tote from Bluefly because it was in bad shape. Does anyone know if those are going on sale? Can I call YSL and get one price-matched?
  9. i'm still looking for an yris :sad:

    help anyone?
  10. Okay, help me here: Nordstrom price matched your original MEDIUM Yris purchase from Bluefly on a LARGE Muse????
  11. No, they price matched the large Ivory that NM had online sometime ago for $648.00!!
  12. Ahh, now I get it. Thanks for clearing that up so quickly.
  13. Your quite welcome!!
  14. congrats on getting the large ivory muse for such a great price! did nordstrom ask you for proof that the nm.com ivory muse was indeed $648 or did they take your word for it?