A man's worst enemy:

  1. A sharp zipper. :wondering
  2. The noise of it zipping up makes me freak out every time I hear it. Fortunately I've never been in a zipper related incident, but I think that I should only buy button fly pants from now on.

  3. I guarantee it will only happen one time. :supacool:
  4. Just like in "There's something about Mary!"

    It's also a lesson trimming the bikini area (for all) :P
  5. yikes lol good thing i dont have a penis...;/
  6. OH...MY ..GOD....ROFLMAO.....Thanks for the visual Vlad.....hee.hee.hee.
  7. ^^^^ LOL that's funny. I have these frankie b jeans that have a zipper from the back to the front and boyyyyyy oh boyyyy, I have to be careful when zippin that bad boy up.:lol:
  8. Vlad, are you going "commando" these days???
  9. LOL thank goodness I never have to have that worry!:happydance:
  10. :lol::lol::roflmfao:
  11. Ow ... :Push:
  12. What's yhat mean? :shrugs:
  13. I don thave a penis but that sounds scary (yet wildly amusing:graucho:
  14. No underwear.
  15. a woman scorned is man's worst enemy;) .... It's more leathal than a sharp zipper. :P