A man's view on the Chloe Paddington...

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  1. :lol: omfg, I wouldnt put it past MOST men though. I haven't met too many who have an appreciation for bags.
  2. LOL! Thanks for sharing!
  3. I'm so happy I'm married.:oh: I can't believe that JERK! Maybe I am naive, but I never dated guys like that! And I had my pick!;)
  4. LOL That was hilarious!!!!!
  5. When I told my guy friend how much my spy cost, he gave me a good long stare. It was barely sensible to me, at first, but I guess girls just get accustomed to the price tags and learn to accept it. x_x
  6. :lol: That was funny!
  7. We (I together with my hubby) were finally able to see the paddington in person, it was the first time he ever heard of it and saw it. To my surprise, he really liked it!
  8. Men ...................
  9. LMFAO - that is great...:biggrin:

    I hesitate to forward that onto my husband, he would laugh; but,...I don't want him to know how much the paddys cost. :amuse:
  10. Funny and true!! Why do we drop a grand for one bag?? We are crazy women!!! You gotta love bags!!
  11. Funny, but not wholly unexpected. Save for the few "gems", most guys just don't understand.
  12. OMG..this is great. I emailed it to my husband at work. He'll get a kick out of it since he was running all over NM in Northern VA thinking he could find one for me for Christmas. I really loved him for doing that though; he didn't think it was too much money or anything was just trying "in vain" to get one for me.
  13. Yep, that would be my husband. He thinks its comical how much I spend on purses. I don't think this guy (in the post) was a jerk at all. Most men just don't understand our obsession, like, passion for bags. ;)
  14. Eeeeeeeew, he screamed sleeeeze to me, the whole picture made me sick.