A man's life force is in his NUTS!

  1. this woman is hilarious...she says some of the funniest things -- that's her quote in the title of this thread. even though she is a bit a of a quack:confused1: she makes some (oddly) valid points (about some men)...the woman sitting beside her his her MOM!

    turn on your speakers for a laugh...but it's not really work safe - she talks about sex, so close your doors.

    SOOOO FUNNY!:roflmfao::roflmfao:



  2. I told this to SO who said that since his life force was supposed to be in his nuts and not his head he could go out and make his nuts find a job.
  3. Wow, that doesn't leave much room in there for his brains!
  4. That would explain a LOT...
  5. LMAO thought the same thing! :roflmfao:
  6. I knew that!
  7. I think I lost count of the generalizations thrown out in those videos...
  8. "If you really need to earn your man, you need to learn your man"?

    Aren't those the lyrics to Ain't Nothing But a G Thing?
  9. someone say nuts? :nuts: