A Mandy for Bridgit Swap?

  1. Hello,
    I am in love with the metallic bridgit but I just bought a Mandy in December. I really love the legacy line and own two Ali's at the present time. I was thinking that maybe I should return the Mandy (have gift receipt) and order the metallic bridgit. What to do? Will I regret taking back the Mandy? Please help:confused1:
  2. I love the metallic Bridgit and I own whiskey Mandy so maybe I am somewhat partial but I personally would use the Mandy more. BUT that Bridgit is one gorgeous bag!
    I'm no help.:confused1:
  3. That is a tough decision to make because they are such different bags. And, they are both lovely bags, too, so that makes it even more difficult. Can you possibly keep them both? I have a Bridgit and I absolutely love it - one of my favorite bags of all time. I guess you need to ask yourself which one you'd get the most use of. If the answer is "both" I think you need to keep both!!
  4. That's a tough call. The mandy is probably a more classic, practical, everyday bag. What color is your mandy? If you need a larger bag most of the time, it's hard to beat mandy. However, if your 'larger bag' need is already met by your Ali's (what color are your Ali's?), then the bridgit might make sense for you. It's also a little less classic, but a little more fun (a little 'blingy' for a Coach!) I have both bags and they are both great. The metallic is really unusual and might be harder to find (than the mandy) if you decide to add another bag later.

    Sooo, keep both if you can, but depending on your needs and the colors of your existing bags, I guess I would vote for the Bridgit if you can only keep one.
  5. I would exchange the Mandy for the Bridget.
  6. I agree with mokoni! :tup:
  7. I love the look of Mandy but It is very awkward on me. I say sell it on eBay and use the money to buy the bridget. You will probably get more money if you sell rather return for outlet price unless it was bought at the boutique in 06. The bridget would be too small for me but if you don't need a big bag and want one with an interesting style then I say go for it.
  8. Oh every coach collection deserves a MANDY!
  9. I would never replace a Mandy with a Bridget, but that is just me.
    I like large bags and the Mandy rests so great on the shoulder. That
    being said if you are not using your Mandy you should sell it and get the
  10. I'd keep the Mandy- the Bridget is odd-looking IMO.
  11. How much did you pay for Mandy, and how much is Bridgit?
  12. I would totally sell Mandy and get Bridgit...but then, I prefer a medium sized bag and IMO the Mandy is HUMUNGO!!! Plus I just love the detailing on the Bridget - it's so classic looking!