A man on a mission to pick out a balenciaga =)

  1. Hello Balenciaga fans!! I am new to balenciaga and usually hang around the LV forum, but I'm looking for a change in my collection and I decided not to go with the gucci messenger I was looking at =( I am really considering the men's "day" but the price is confusing to me. I noticed on the dimensions and prices thread it says the mens day is about $480!! If this is true wow, that has to be the best deal ever. I have talked to other members who said they paid around 1k for this bag. Can anyone confirm the price? I would also like opinions on this bag because it's really stunning =)


  2. Men's Day (8 x 5.5 x 1.5) is much smaller than Men's Messenger (12.4 x 14.5 x 5). The one in your picture looks like is men's messenger, which is $990.
  3. ohhh i love that bag in your picture...

    sorry, can't help on the price.. but that bag is sure sexy.
  4. Hello FashionMike, Welcome to BBags.. I do recognize you from LV forum =)

    I thought the day is bigger than the messenger and the courier is bigger than the day... so courier > Day > Messenger, but i might be wrong.

    You should check out Diabro.net, they have Courier, Day for Men.
    Their dimension in cm, so divide by 2.54 to get inches.. They are very fast in shipping and great to work with..

    Good Luck and let us know what you get~!!
  5. Thanks guys... Brtracy thanks so much for that link!! I need some time to decide, I will most likely make a move to the day bag in spring because LV stuff does come first =( Thanks again, I really want to be a part of the balenciaga forum soon!!

    I'm currently eying the The Mens Day in (Brun) that site looks good, has anyone else ordered from Diabro?
  6. I've ordered three separate times from Diabro and had great service each time. There are some threads about Diabro and most I read were of happy customers. HTH!
  7. This is correct:yes:. The one in the pic is a men's day.
  8. Diabro is great. no custom tax, super fast shipping and great customer service.. I highly recommend it =)
  9. thanks again guys!