A Man Needs Ladies' Opinion On Nano Luggage

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Can A Man Carry Celine Nano Luggage?

  1. Of course!

  2. Pervert!

  1. Hi purseblog ladies:

    I am not a reader here 'cause I don't use purse. I am a man, but I love designing. I can appreciate the beauty of many lady's bags, so I bought my wife some bags like: Birkin, Chanel classic double flap, Moynat's Rejane and Pauline, Speedy, Faure Le Page, Goyard, Prada...etc. Recently I got a pink Nano Luggage for her. We just love it. Since that my problem begins....

    I am an amateur photographer and I have many cameras and lenses to carry around. So I have some backpacks and crossbody bags to hold my cameras and lenses. Since recently I moved my photography style to street photography, I mainly only carry a Ricoh GR compact camera. So I really just want a crossbody small bag to put the camera, wallet, sunglasses, car keys, handkerchief, that's all. But I can't find a satisfying bag for me, no matter the design from LV, Montblanc, Gucci, Burberry, Hermes...etc, no small crossbody bags sings for me. Since I bought my wife the pink Nano Luggage. It's a perfect size for all my daily stuff including the compact camera! It's well made and the zipper closure is easy to open to access my stuff. It has a naughty robot face with a sticking out tongue, it's very industrial design! In my opinion, this is a pure man's design, a nerd's design, a masculine design if I get a black one! But because it's so cute, it's for ladies from the beginning. I saw a few men carrying the Nano Luggage online but most of them are woman-like men or gays if it's not impolite to say so. I don't want myself carrying a lady's purse like them but the size and design are perfect for me.

    I want to know how you think of that. I know most of people will say if you like it go for it. But I still want to know if you see a man carrying a lady's bag, how do you think of him? What image do you have if you see he is using woman's purse?

    My wife suggested I buy a black one. But her reason is different, she can exchange her pink one into my black one sometimes for fun.

    Thanks for your opinions in advance!

    Happy pursing, ladies! Chao!
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  2. Wow i love your masculine perspective of the Celine nano design! I love the old Celine designs for the fact that they do not belong to the typical feminine designer bags that scream the brand name. There is a distinctive charm about Celine that exudes undertone of masculinity and sharpness that i find so appealing in a handbag. I will be really impressed by the man who can pull off the nano bag in his masculine fashion and be comfortable in his skin. Very stylish!
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  3. Hey @ManManMan I used to have the Celine nano luggage back in 2015, sold it in 2017 but I started missing it. So i'm buying a pre-loved maybe in a navy blue color soon. I mostly use mine as a camera bag and some essentials its perfect size! But if I buy it again I'm buying a wider strap.
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  4. I wish you had given a choice other than “pervert” lol. I would say depends on your build, much like it would for a woman IMO. But I just got my first nano and they don’t have a lot of pockets to store things, so I don’t know how it would function for a camera and its accoutrements.
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  5. Have you seen the steamer pm satchel fron LV? They have it in the monogram eclipse and might your needs.
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  6. Well said! Thanks for your kind reply and I will put your opinions into my consideration! Chao!
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  7. Hi buddy! So happy to see you carry the Nano as a camera bag! The zipper closure is a perfect design for a photographer to access his stuff quickly, for a street photography, it's important. And when you carry the Nano you won't cause people's attention, when you take photos, people will feel you are harmless!

    I am thinking exactly the same thing like you, I would change the strap into a wider one, it will make the Nano a pure men's bag!

    Thanks for your information and reply! Good luck to you!
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    Thanks for your opinions! You are so right! It depends on bag wearer's build! So true! I am a watch collector too, I know how to choose a correct size watch for my wrist. Nowadays there are too large men's watches out there, maybe they are fine for a large man, but for most of men, they are oversized. It's too large for most of men if it's over 45mm. I always say: You needn't a giant watch to prove you are a man, you shouldn't let the watch wear you. The same principle goes to the bag world. I am medium size, lean but muscular man, cause I practice workouts routinely. Oh, for your reference, I want to use the Nano carry my compact camera, it's small, slim. So it's easy to put in the Nano without any pockets.

    Good luck! Chao!
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    Thanks a ton for your suggestion! I check the steamer out as you advised. It's a very well made bag and looks so cool! Unfortunately, it's not what I want. I will pass it. Maybe I will put it under consideration for my future purchasing. Now I just want a small crossbody bag.

    Thanks again! Good luck to you! Chao!
  10. I love the Nano for its functional size and design. Like some other members have commented, if the bag appears more 'feminine' or 'masculine' I think will depend on the figure of the wearer, but you can also change the style a lot by changing out the strap. Something thicker would be more 'masculine' I think.
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  11. Thanks for the quick shout out! You are perfectly correct at this point! The wearer is the key for a bag's style! This is an universal principle indeed. And the strap suggestion is very good too! I may pull the trigger soon. Lol.
    Good luck! Chao!
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