A Man Looking To Get His First Louis Vuitton Bag…Need Your Opinion!

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum.

    I want to get my first LV bag, and I always wanted a bag from the LV travel collection. I'm torn in between the regular keepall 55, waterproof keepall and Neo greenwich all in the monogram macassar canvas. I want a bag that is good for travel, weekender, gym or maybe sometimes to shopping. I don't have sufficient money to get a couple bags from LV currently, so i will have to make this decision wisely. What do you people think? Any suggestions?
  2. I'd say the keepall 55 is a classic you can't go wrong with. And the macassar line is gorgeous. GL deciding. :tup:
  3. Keepall 55 bandouliere
  4. I think if you want to be able to use it as a city bag as well as a travel bag, you should look at the 45 before committing to the 55. I love my Keepall 45s, they're a perfect size for me. I'd like to add a 55 at some point too, for longer trips, but the 45 is a great size for overnight/weekend stays, gym, etc. Good luck deciding!
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    Well there is big price difference between the keepall bandouliere 55 and the other two. I think you have to narrow your options to see which bag suits your lifestyle. Do you really need waterproof keepall? I have the 45 Macassar and it has been great in the element. So between the regular keepall and the Neo, which style do you like best? If you go with classic mono Macassar keepall then difference you saved on the Neo can go towards something else. And you would still have a great bag! The Neo Greenwich is a really sharp bag in all prints. So if decide to go based looks will it be just as functional?
  6. OMG the waterproof keepall is TDF!! If you can get it...GET IT!!!
  7. The Keepall 55 is an icon. You just can't go wrong with it. I would say if you shall own only one LV bag, the Keepall 55 is a great choice. Later, you can add a smaller bag to your collection such as a messenger bag or PDV.
  8. hi boyoverboard, i just checked out your video on youtube and I'm surprised that you are here in my thread :P

    I have been to LV store a couple weeks back and I have looked into the sizes of my desire bags. The 45 is definitely a great bag, but they look kinda small to me. I concern that the 45 cannot hold all of my stuff when i hit the gym or go for a basketball game.
  9. The keepalls and the neo greenwich, they all look good to me. The waterproof keepall seems durable to me, with the rubber strap and everything. On the other hand, the neo greenwich is kinda the size in between the 45 and 55, and that is the size that i desire. 45 looks kinda small and 55 is kinda huge. However, the neo greenwich doesn't look like a durable comparing to the keepalls. EHHHH, i don't know how to choose.
  10. In my oppinion, the Neo Greenwich is more a travel bag, while the Keepall is more versatile.